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About my rape post: This is for the people who have commented on it saying ‘or you could just tell them not to rape’

Okay, first of all. Do you really think that rapists would listen?! Did you not even think about why rapists (that has been caught) are sent to jail but yet other rapists still carries on raping?! Did you not think what ‘wanted’ signs are there for? Or did you not think that the law/government/whoever has  tried to tell them not to rape? OMG. I can’t even- Ugh. The point is, there was been a lot of warnings and signs to rapists not to rape. Eg: Newspapers, Television, radio. Etc. But ooh. Guess what. They still rape. So do you really think ‘or you could just tell people not to rape’ is gonna work? That post was only to help who ever read it. If they ever come to a situation like that it could help them. It didn’t say that you had to do what it said; it was only a few tips. Also it didn’t say that everything that is mentioned on it is right. These are my opinions only, I’m sorry if you took offense, but this is just what I think.

On the second note, I know that the picture is very racist, but that was the picture that was originally attached with the information, a friend gave me the information and I just thought of posting on here. So, sorry if I offended any of you!

Also, yes, I am aware that the post is very sexist, I know that guys get raped too, but c’mon, the whole world is sexist. So don’t single this one post out. 

On the third and last note, yes I know that rapists could also be people who you know, the post is just stating to prevent you from getting raped by strangers.

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    Nah, it doesn’t work like that. Google rape culture. Society subtly condones rape. Through victim blaming, sexual...
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    So…. first off you “know” the picture is really fucking racist but you didn’t remove it or anything? Whatever. This...
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    Just reblogging myself, because a lot of people are complaining :)
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    Read the response, it’s worth it. OP, it’s called rape culture. It needs to be broken. When you say that media...
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    Are you fucking shitting me? What the fuck does Michael Jackson have anything to do with this? Michael Jackson WAS NOT a...
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    The 8th reason makes me feel noxious and angry. Michael Jackson has nothing to do with it, you lost your reason when you...
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    Rapists rape for a variety of reasons. 1. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There have been cases where someone...
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    This, thank you. No, it won’t stop all of them (like anger rape, power rape…) but that mindset needs to be broken.
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    Yes. Yes I do. Around 80% of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows. Most of those rapists live on convinced...