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Frequently asked questions

Are these really frequently asked questions?

Nope! Just thought to put a faq just incase some of y’all are shy to ask questions  *cough

I don’t get asked questions.. :’(

What’s your name?


How old are you?


When’s your birthday?

September 6, 1996

Relationship status?


Where are you from?

Originally: Philippines

but I moved to England in 2005.

Do you follow back? 

Yes! Unless your icon is this: 

 then no. Prepare to be blocked

How many followers do you have? 


Do you know anyone personally on tumblr?

Do you have any other blogs?
Yep! here :)

Why is your URL your URL? 

Because I l love Agnes from Despicable me :p

Why did you unfollow me?

  • You haven’t been active for more than a week so I assume the outside people have gotten to you. 
  • I accidently unfollowed you while I unfollowed the inactive people and I apologize and you should tell me so I can re-follow you :D
  • You unfollowed me first - I have an unfollower tracker :) 

Why did you ignore my message?

  • It’s inappropriate
  • I plainly didn’t like the question/message
  • I just couldn’t be bothered to answer it
  • I wasn’t aware
  • I don’t know how to answer it
  • I forgot you sent me a message..?
  • I probably did you just didn’t see it…?
  • I wanted to keep the message for the future because I liked it so much :)

Promo?  Promo for Promo?

I only do promos when I can be bothered and I don’t do promo for promo

You can self-promo in my ask :) - but only if you are following me… 

Vote for me?

Sure, leave the link in my ask!

Must be following me

Anything about the rape post

I only shared it here so it would help some people but I found out that it was some chain mail. I’ve had enough hate mail from that so GOH AVVEEEYY The post and read